And the mascot winner is....

In a surprise twist, a last minute surge in votes nudged the Eastern Kingbird into first place!  Not only is this regal bird prominently featured in the TTPBRS logo, it will also be the star and mascot for the Toronto 10-Miler, 5K & half marathon.

Thank you to everyone who has participated! Stay tuned for more updates on the race event, including details about how to register.


Last chance!

Have you already voted for your favourite Toronto 10-Miler, 5k, half marathon mascot? If not, do so quickly! Polls close this evening at 12:00 a.m.


Green Darner Profile

With the polls closing on Friday, February 5th, the gap between the candidates is narrowing.  With your vote, the Green Darner could become the next Toronto 10-Miler, 5k & half marathon mascot!

To place your vote, click here.
To learn more about the race, click here.
To discover the Living City Foundation, click here.


Eastern Cottontail Profile

Another worthy candidate for the Toronto-10 Miler, 5k and half marathon is the beloved Eastern Cottontail. Place your vote.

Proceeds from this race event go to support the restoration and monitoring work conducted at Tommy Thompson Park. Don't miss this opportunity to have a say in which critter is selected as the Toronto-10 Miler, 5k & half marathon mascot!

Eastern Kingbird Profile

The regal Eastern Kingbird needs your vote to become the Toronto 10-Miler, 5k & half marathon mascot. This is the only bird candidate on the roster!
And remember - all proceeds go to support Tommy Thompson Park!


To place your vote go to and to learn more about the race event, visit


Midland Painted Turtle Profile

Slow and steady will win the mascot race for the Midland Painted Turtle.   Cast your vote for the Toronto 10-Miler, 5k & Half Marathon mascot contest today!