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Not sure where to cast your vote for the Toronto 10-Miler, 5k & Half Marathon mascot contest?
Maybe this will help!


Fund raising race at TTP


The Toronto 10-Miler, 5k and Half Marathon will be taking place at Tommy Thompson Park on September 17, 2016. Proceeds from the race go towards The Living City Foundation which supports TTP.

Help us make this event a success by voting for your favourite mascot that will represent the run and that will be featured on the medals. 



Calling citizen scientists!

photo credit: Alan Wormington

photo credit: Marci Todd

Have you seen a wing-tagged or banded Great Egret?

Scientists are tagging and banding Great Egrets on their breeding grounds to learn about migration and overwintering patterns.  Since 2001 more than 2000 young flightless egrets have been uniquely wing-tagged or leg banded with red bands.  Re-sightings are needed!

Become a citizen scientist by bringing your binoculars on your Caribbean vacation this winter.  Send your Egret sightings and photos to Chip Weseloh (chip.weseloh (at)  Remember to record the date, time and location, as well as the colour of the wing-tag (orange, green or blue) or the band and the characters on it.

Happy Birding!


Volunteers wanted!

Combine your passion for nature and your love for Tommy Thompson Park by becoming a volunteer! Volunteering at TTP is a rewarding way to share your enthusiasm for the environment and to spend time in Toronto's Urban Wilderness.

This year, we're expanding our volunteering program to include two positions: Weekend Park Ambassadors and Guided Walk Leaders.

Weekend Park Ambassadors are the friendly faces greeting visitors at the entrance. They have the diplomatic role of answering questions about TTP's history, ecosystems and, restoration activities as well as about the park's programs and policies. For more information about this unique volunteering experience, visit Toronto and Region Conservation's 'Get Involved' webpage.

Guided Walk Leaders are energetic individuals eager to share the beauty, perplexity and importance of Tommy Thompson Park. With moderate to advanced birding and/or nature interpretation skills, leaders accompany park visitors throughout the trails, pointing out birds and wildlife, habitat features and explaining ecosystem functions. For more information about becoming a guided walk leader and to apply, check out the position's full description here.

Selected volunteers will receive TRCA training and have the opportunity to refine skills such as public speaking, nature interpretation, and problem solving.  Both of these positions are offered from April 2, 2016 to November 12, 2016.  For more information about volunteering at TTP, email

Spend your summer at TTP - it's well worth it!


Winter blues beaten at TTP

Beat the winter blues with a guided Family Nature Walk at Tommy Thompson Park (TTP) this January.

Once temperatures drop, the allure of curling up with a warm blanket and a good book is often irresistible. However the secret to getting through the upcoming frigid months is not to hibernate, but rather to get out there and find an activity you can enjoy. There's fun to be had outdoors this winter!

Skiing and snowshoeing are a great way to explore the winter landscapes at TTP. Dressed in the proper winter garb and trecking equipment, a journey all the way to the lighthouse can make for a wholesome and rewarding day. The park is also a great destination for winter bird watching. Oh yes - winter bird watching! Many Arctic ducks call TTP home in the winter. Look for the Long-tailed Duck, Greater Scaup, Common Goldeneye and Red-breasted Mergansers. You can also find hardy local species like the Blue Jay, Chickadee, White-breasted Nuthatch and Cardinal.

Finally, what better way to connect with nature than with a guided tour. The seemingly frozen ecosystems in Tommy Thompson Park hide many secrets. Register for a guided walk this winter and have them revealed! Investigating plant and animal changes, following nature tracks and playing nature-based games with family and friends will surely make for good weekend fun.

With the right attitude and a warm pair of boots, there's no telling what winter adventures await you in Toronto's Urban Wilderness.

Visit TTP's Special Events page for upcoming activities.
For more information, email or call 647-505-9960