2015 Migration Monitoring Year End Total

Yet another good year at the Bird Research Station!  We ended the year with a high of 122 species banded, and 6940 birds banded in total.

The major highlights are the four new species banded. Check them out in the list!

Every year, our main focus is the Migration Monitoring program, but the addition of qualified volunteer banders allowed for extra research to happen. Projects expand our understanding of how avian species use the park and informs the creation of habitats. This year's projects included the continuation of the Shorebird Banding project and the introduction of the Raptor Banding and Research project.

As you browse the list below, please consider the amount of hours required to collect this amount of information. The station's success is heavily dependent on support from the public... people like you who love birds and love Tommy Thompson Park. Please help keep our programs going by becoming a TTPBRS Member. Enjoy the perks of being a member and know that your donation is contributing to the success of local conservation efforts.

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