Young Birders' Club - A birding hike series, just for kids!

Young Birders' Club is into its second season at TTP!

The Young Birders' Club is an opportunity for youth, aged 9-12, to go on introductory birding hikes specifically geared for young people. Our goal is to look for birds at Tommy Thompson Park through the fall migration season, and to develop our birding skills. In addition to hiking, we'll enjoy other age-appropriate activities to complement the birding. The club will meet on five occasions, starting August 30th, and with every meeting, our bird observation and identification skills will improve. On our fifth and final meeting this season, families are invited to come along on our birding hike to learn from our Young Birders

Young Birders will:

  • Learn how to use binoculars

  • Learn how to spot and identify birds

  • Visit the Bird Research Station

  • Meet other youth interested in birding

  • **Please note that meetings will involve a significant amount of walking.**

    Binoculars and field guides are provided for the meetings.
    Delivered by a certified teacher.

    Sunday mornings from 8:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.

    We will be cycling for two of the meetings. Participants are to bring their own bicycles and helmets.

    To register and for cost information, visit the registration page.

    Please contact Raja Raudsepp for more information.

    Butterfly Festival wraps up!

    We had such a beautiful day at the ‪#‎ButterflyFest‬ yesterday. Visit the Butterfly Festival Facebook page for a short video of the event.

    TRCA would like to acknowledge the many volunteers who made this event possible. Your dedication and energy are very much appreciated. Good job!

    Thank you to everyone who came out to enjoy the activities and celebrate the butterflies at ‪#‎TommyThompsonPark‬. Until next year!


    Sunday Morning Bird Walks

    Sunday morning bird walks are back! These bi-annual guided walks are linked with Tommy Thompson Park Bird Research Station's migration monitoring program. They offer the perfect opportunity for birders and naturalists to explore the park and learn more about fall migration. Starting at the entrance at 8:00 a.m., the group is guided through nature trails and to birding hot spots for a chance to catch glimpses of the latest fall migrants. The walk ends at the Bird Research Station, where live bird banding demonstrations are happening.

    Pack your water bottles and strap on your waterproof walking shoes for this early morning adventures. Participants are also encourage to bring field guides and binoculars to get the most from the tour. Beginers are always welcome!

    Please dress appropriately for the weather. Free parking on Leslie Street and Unwin Avenue.


    Ready for another season!

    Tommy Thompson Park's bird research coordinator, Nigel Shaw, has been busy these past few days. Broom in hand, he sweeps away dust and spider webs that have accumulated over the summer. Refilling supplies, repairing and setting up mist nest are also on his list of things to do. Being prepared for the upcoming fall migration monitoring season is essential for the station's success.

    Once the housekeeping is complete, Nigel organizes the volunteers. This dedicated group of birding enthusiasts are the cogs and gears that allow for the smooth operation of the research station. Up at the crack of dawn and at the park before sunrise, these volunteers have the unique experience of being in Toronto's Urban Wilderness at its most magical time of day. This year, a dozen volunteers will assist Nigel during the fall migration. While some are valuable, experienced volunteers, a few new eager volunteers have joined the roster. With training and by shadowing others, they will learn how to delicately extract birds from the mist nests, how to correctly identify and record avian features as well as how to safely handle and place bands on a variety of bird species.

    Only a few hours into the first day of monitoring, Nigel reports that mostly resident breeding birds have been banded. Resident species include flycatchers, chickadees and vireos. Migrant species like the Least Sandpiper and Cedar Waxwing have also been recorded and banded.

    The team at the Tommy Thompson Park Bird Research Station (TTPBRS) invites guests to stop in when visiting the park on weekends. The station is open till noon (whether dependent) and is located on Peninsula D on the west side of the park.

    As a volunteer bases monitoring station, TTPBRS needs ongoing donations from its supporters. To learn more about how to contribute to the station's success and to become a member, please visit The Living City Foundation to sign up.

    Registration is now open!

    Tommy Thompson Park's annual Butterfly Festival is all set for Saturday August 22nd. Join us from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. for guided walks, presentations and a variety of vendors. This event is sure to be a great day spent in Toronto's Urban Wilderness!

    Registration for activities is now open. Visit for more information on the activities and follow the links to register.

    For more information about the event, please email

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