Sora at Cell One

TTP naturalists were delighted late last week when a Sora (Porzana carolina) was flushed near Cell One.  The Sora is a small waterbird that breeds in wetlands.  It was recognized by its slate gray body, short, yellow bill, short tail (often held upright showing white underneath) and black face.

This demure waterbird is contrasted by its distinct vocalizations. Soras are a ground foraging species, rummaging for seeds, insects and snails. Although soras are more often heard than seen, they are sometimes spotted walking near open water.  These photos, captured by TTP naturalist Ann Gray (Sept 2011), show how this small timid bird can walk on dense vegetation on the water.

Like for many other marsh birds, important threats to this species are pollution and destruction of wetlands required for breeding, migration and wintering.  To support the restoration of wetland habitats, please contribute to the habitat work implemented at Tommy Thompson Park.  Discover the many ways your can make a donation here.