Secretive bird makes an appearance

Although the beginning of fall migration monitoring at the station has been slow, there have been some notable highlights.  Those of you who benefit from migration updates from Nigel Shaw, the station's expert birder and coordinator, already know about the great species and station firsts that have been recorded to date.  This one was too good not to blog about!

A Northern Waterthrush, a usually secretive bird, made itself highly visible and even posed for the paparazzi this weekend.  A bird of northern forests, the Northern Waterthrush sings its loud, ringing song from wooded swamps and bogs.  This ground foraging bird closely resembles the Louisiana Waterthrush, but can be distinguished by it's whitish or yellowish eyestripe and heavier streaking on the breast and flanks.  Like other warbler species, the Northern Waterthrush exhibits a fondness for water, making TTP an ideal spot to stop and refuel on the way to wintering grounds in Central America.

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