Migration monitoring totals - TTPBRS closed for the season

Fall migration monitoring is now officially over. A great big thank you to Nigel and his amazing team of volunteers!! They certainly had their work cut out this year. Have a look at the extensive list of birds they banded in 2013.


Last week of fall migration monitoring

The last day of fall migration monitoring is November 10, 2013. Bad weather and unfavorable conditions has delayed migration and has hampered banding efforts at the station.  With so many late migrants, we are anticipating banding significant numbers right to the last day.

The owl migration is still in full swing although numbers haven't reflected that.  This trend is also mirrored at other banding stations.

The American Pipit banding continues, with 62 individuals banded to date.

Dunlins, a familiar shorebird, are slowly making their way to Tommy Thompson Park from their Arctic breeding grounds.  One was banded earlier this week.  We are hoping more will make an appearance before next Sunday!

Incoming weather patterns are promising disturbances from the south.  We anticipate Cave Swallows and hopefully some western birds to fly through the park.  Fingers crossed!

Stop by the TTPBRS this weekend for a last chance to see fall migrants in hand.  Sunday November 10 is also your last chance to join the Sunday Morning Guided Bird Walks at TTP.  Meet the guide at the entrance of the park at 8:00 a.m. for an intimate tour highlighting the best spots for bird watching.