Last arrivals

                                                HY Townsend's solitaire

                                                                           Boreal owl                                                                                                                                                           
A few stragglers and late arrivals showed up during our last couple of days of standard banding! Boreal owls are an irruptive species with a lot of them moving south every 5 to 7 years. Looking at other Northern banding station totals, Boreals were moving south this fall. We managed to band a young female on Thursday,a first for the banding station.  If that wasn't enough of a pleasant surprise we  banded a young Townsend's solitaire on Friday ! This was a first for the Park and definitely a first for the banding station. This was a "lifer" for most of the banding team.


Wrapping up

We are in our final week of operation for this fall. The numbers of land bird migrants has dropped dramatically. But what is lacking in quantity, we are seeing in quality. We have banded 3 barred owls, ( 4 were seen at one time ), 3 Northern shrikes, with more still trickling through.

  Adult Common redpoll
The flocks for winter finches are showing up, with Common redpolls and Pine siskins. Singles of Evening grosbeak, Pine grosbeaks and White-winged crossbills have been observed.
We will finish the standard monitoring on Sunday the 11th.
It has been a long, but rewarding season! As my first year as coordinator, it has been tremendous. I am looking forward to many more years, running the station, working with an amazing group of volunteers that go above and beyond.
Also to the people that come by every weekend and drop in on there birding travels to say Hi and see what is moving through!
I will post the season's totals after we close down, we are standing around 4,300 birds for the fall!