Late October

        Northern shrike
 Orange-crowned warbler
                   Pine siskin
Late October has been a busy time for the banding team at TTPBRS! Kinglets have moved through in droves, and Black-capped chickadees and Dark-eyed juncos are making an appearance.
Winter species are showing up in smaller numbers, with Pine siskins and American tree sparrows representing.
The owls have slowed a bit, but this could be weather related as less favourable nights have been the norm this last week. We will continue until next weekend until the clocks go back and take away an hour of owl banding time. We are currently at 13 Northern saw-whet owls and 1 Barred owl.
The raptors move through the station sporadically, and 7 Sharp-shinned and 3 Cooper's hawks are all we have managed to band. Yesterday, a large number of Red-tailed hawks moved over in the strong north wind.
We are currently managing a duck trap, to document and follow waterfowl movement through the park. Waterfowl stage in the cells and open water around and in the park, and we document the numbers, arrival and departure dates, and monitor the large wintering flocks. With the banding, we will see if the waterfowl are moving through or wintering in the Park. To date we have managed to band nearly 20 Mallards, and a handful of Canada geese. As the season progresses we are hoping to band some of the other species that frequent the area.
Our banding total to date is over 4100 birds! Most species we expect have been well represented, and it will be interesting to compare the numbers when the season is over.
We will be at the station until Nov. 11th. so please drop by and observe some of the late migrants that are moving through.
Some of the highlights observed are Red phalarope, Brant and Snow buntings and Eastern bluebirds have been observed. 


October highlights...

As we head into the middle of October, the numbers of birds passing through TTPBRS this fall has been impressive to say the least!
We have banded over 3500 birds so far, with both species of kinglets dominating the numbers.
We are attempting a few hours of owl banding each morning and have banded 9 Northern  saw-whet owls so far, and this rather impressive young Barred owl.
If the second half of October is anything like the first, I could see the station banding over 4000 birds for the fall season..... fingers crossed!