1st day of autumn !

As we near the end of September, we found the month has been rather slow!
At the end of August we had banded over 1000 birds, as the end of September draws closer we stand at under 700. The summer-like weather slowed down the migration, somedays to a crawl!.
As we move into fall, the sparrows, thrushs and kinglets will dominate the daily totals, and our numbers will climb.
We are operating out of the new lab, so if you haven't already stopped by, please do so.

 HY male Rose-breasted grosbeak

                                        Adult male Black-throated blue warbler


September banding

Monday started quite well with a total of 88 birds banded. A variety of passerines made up the total, and this Hatch year Broad-winged hawk. These birds are seldom caught at hawk banding stations, so on showing up in a passerine net was a nice bonus!
The rest of the week so far has been quite slow, and we are hoping the front passing through this weekend, will pick the flight up again!


Red-tailed hawk

   Grey-cheeked thrush

Red-eyed vireo     

 Blackpoll warbler
A slow week for the banding station. We did manage a few fall warblers, thrushes and vireos. A bonus was this Hatch Year Red-tailed hawk. With the passage of this last cold front, the bird numbers should start to increase this week.

All photos courtesy of Charlotte England


September has started slow compared to August! we finished out August with 1001 birds and have only added a couple of  hundred new birds so far. The raptor nets have produced 2 female Sharp-shinned hawks and this female Coper's hawk today.
The raptor flight has only just started to trickle through TTPBRS and we are expecting our new hawk set-up to produce a good number of raptors this fall.
Warblers have been the bulk of the daily banding totals. We have caught and banded 21 species so far this fall!
Thrushes are starting to make an appearance, and we got our first Wood thrush yesterday....