With 2722 birds banded this spring, the daunting task of entering data has started!
That total was comprised of 83 species. That included 2 hybrids and 1 race.
We had 8 species with totals in the triple digits, with Yellow-rumped warbler topping the totals with 408 individuals banded !
The total of the 8 species comprised more that half the season's total

Yellow-rumped warbler                     408
Nashville warbler                               216
White-throated sparrow                     183
Swainson's thrush                              150
Red-winged blackbird                       130
Western palm warbler                       129
Yellow warbler                                 119
Nashville warbler                              103

                     TOTAL                      1528


Today we closed down the banding station for the spring migration.The last week has been slow, with a few straggler warblers, thrushes and flycatchers. Cedar waxwings made up any numbers we banded.
We ended the season with over 2800 birds banded. This included 2 hybrids and 1 race.
We will start the fall migration monitoring on August 5th. A special thank you to all the volunteers that participated in the spring season, and hope to see you all again this fall!