The last two weeks at the park have been outstanding !
May 3rd saw a huge "fall-out"day. We were lucky to have a few banders and extractors volunteering that day, and we were able to band 390 birds! Although the banders didn't get out of the banding lab much that day, they did a fantastic job and kept the pace up all day.
Our concerns on a day like that is the length of time we hold the birds. This was monitored constantly during the day, and at any point we have had birds to long, we would release them without banding.
The following days produced good numbers until it slowed down on the 14th
The bulk if the birds were Yellow-rumped warblers to start, then we caught good numbers of the other warblers until the weekend when thrush numbers were more dominant.

Our total for the season is over 2000 birds with 3 weeks still to go. The weather patterns have produced significant fall-outs at most research stations.


Week of April 22nd - 29th

The week started the same as the previous week, with Monday and Tuesday having rain and strong winds.
Wednesday cleared and the weather co-operated for the rest of the week.
The migration is still slow, except for a good movement of Red-winged blackbirds.
Yellow-rumped warblers  were starting to show up in small numbers, along with a couple of other warbler species. With the next southern flow, we should be seeing the numbers increase.

                                  Male Orange-crowned warbler
The species that breed in the park are well on their way defending territories and building nests.

Species banded

Hermit thrush                                                        8
American robin                                                        2
Brown thrasher                                                        1
House wren                                                             1
Yellow-rumped warbler                                            18
Western palm warbler                                               2
Black & white warbler                                              2
Blue grey gnatcatcher                                              1
Townsend's X Black-throated grey warbler hybrid     1
Dark-eyed junco                                                     5
White-throated sparrow                                        14
Fox sparrow                                                           1
American goldfinch                                                 2
Red-winged blackbird                                           33
Common grackle                                                    5
Brown-headed cowbird                                          1