Week of April 22nd - 29th

The week started the same as the previous week, with Monday and Tuesday having rain and strong winds.
Wednesday cleared and the weather co-operated for the rest of the week.
The migration is still slow, except for a good movement of Red-winged blackbirds.
Yellow-rumped warblers  were starting to show up in small numbers, along with a couple of other warbler species. With the next southern flow, we should be seeing the numbers increase.

                                  Male Orange-crowned warbler
The species that breed in the park are well on their way defending territories and building nests.

Species banded

Hermit thrush                                                        8
American robin                                                        2
Brown thrasher                                                        1
House wren                                                             1
Yellow-rumped warbler                                            18
Western palm warbler                                               2
Black & white warbler                                              2
Blue grey gnatcatcher                                              1
Townsend's X Black-throated grey warbler hybrid     1
Dark-eyed junco                                                     5
White-throated sparrow                                        14
Fox sparrow                                                           1
American goldfinch                                                 2
Red-winged blackbird                                           33
Common grackle                                                    5
Brown-headed cowbird                                          1