first week....

The first week has been slow. As temperatures and weather patterns return to "Normal" early spring, the birds reacted accordingly!
With only one day of double digits, we were seeing only a few of the early bird's in with the birds that breed  in the park, and others that had wintered there.
As the temperatures  rose near the end of the week, the numbers of long-tailed ducks started to decrease...a sure sign of spring!

Banding totals for April 1st thru 7th

Eastern phoebe                        3
American robin                         2
Hermit thrush                           1
Golden-crowned kinglet             5 
American tree sparrow              7
Dark-eyed junco                      2
Song sparrow                        11
Fox sparrow                            3
Swamp sparrow                       1
Winter wren                             1
Northern cardinal                      1
Red-winged blackbird                1
Brown-headed cowbird              1

TOTAL 39 birds of 13 species
                                    female Northern cardinal