April 15 - 22

This week at the banding station was almost a carbon-copy for weather pattern as last week!
Sunday was a good day but turned on Monday and Tuesday. Wednesday cleared up with south winds, and a good movement of birds.White-throated sparrows and Yellow-rumped warblers showed well this week, and a movement of SY male and female Red-winged blackbirds brought the totals up.
Warblers were represented by only two species so far, Yellow-rumped and Western palm.
The next southerly flow should bring the diversity and numbers we are waiting for!


Golden-crowned kinglet                1
Ruby-crowned kinglet                   4
Brown creeper                              3
Winter wren                                  2
House wren                                  1
Yellow-rumped warbler               22
Western palm warbler                   1
Northern rough-winged swallow   8
Hermit thrush                              14 
American robin                            3
Yellow-bellied sapsucker              1
Yellow-shafted flicker                   3
White-throated sparrow              28
Swamp sparrow                           6
Song sparrow                               8
Dark-eyed junco                           8
American goldfinch                        3
Red-winged blackbird                  33
Brown-headed cowbird                 1

Total : 150           Species : 19