Migration Monitoring: September 10

hatch-year Philadelphia Vireo

After days of wind and rain, today we had a reprieve! It was still too breezy to open all the nets, but the North wind brought a ton of birds here overnight. We had our busiest day this season, with a total of 68 birds banded (and that was with only half the nets open). There were lots of Philadelphia Vireos (above), which can be distinguished from Warbling Vireos from their yellow throat and more contrasting eye line. One of the highlights of the day was a male Scarlet Tanager in non-breeding (basic) plumage (pictured below).

after hatch-year male Scarlet Tanager

With the wind still blowing from the North, hopefully we'll get another wave of migrants tonight. Tomorrow is supposed to be a nice day too, so try to make it for a visit!