Weekend Update: August 7-8

Hatch-year Magnolia Warbler

This was our first weekend of the season, and the cold snap was much appreciated after the oppressive heat of Thursday. On Saturday morning I was quite surprised to be chilly for a change, but I wasn't complaining!
It was rather quiet, but we did have several new species: American Black Duck, Northern Cardinal, Tree Swallow, Cooper's Hawk, Myrtle Warbler, Magnolia Warbler and Canada Warbler. Until now the earliest a Magnolia was seen at the station was August 8, 2005. Canada Warblers haven't been this early since August 7, 2004.
Note: some of these species (such as the Northern Cardinal) were here all summer but just weren't detected on the first two days of migration monitoring.

Hatch-year female Canada Warbler

On Sunday we were having a great morning until the rain came and forced us to close early. We did manage to add American Wigeon and Common Merganser to the list though. Our season total is now 51 species, with 35 birds banded of 13 species.