Migration Monitoring at TTPBRS: April 15-21, 2008

Red-bellied Woodpecker

The third week of Migration Monitoring this spring was exceptionally warm with record high water levels. Water striders, Leopard Frogs and the occasional Mallard have been common sights in net lanes 4 and 9 at the south edge of our count area! The high pressure system that lingered throughout the week produced little in the way of landbird migration as daily banding totals ranged from a low of 9 (Apr 15) to a high of 27 (Apr 19). Observations of doppler radar have indicated weak nocturnal migrant passage, which suggests that we haven't just been bypassed due to the weather. Common Terns arrived en masse on April 15 and were joined by first sightings of Northern Rough-winged Swallow and Red-necked Grebe for spring 2008. April 17 saw a shift to south winds, which likely caused a small increase in numbers of Hermit Thrush and Myrtle Warbler. A late Northern Saw-whet Owl was also spotted that morning. The following day was similar in terms of weather and birds found at TTPBRS. Highlights of the day included the arrival of Brown Thrashers and a total of 18 Myrtle Warblers detected during the morning. April 19 was a bit more active, particularly for 30 White-throated Sparrows busily tossing leaf litter for emerging insects. A Pine Warbler, Hairy Woodpecker and the first banding of a Red-bellied Woodpecker were highlights of the morning! Not a great deal to report for the following day when 20 birds were banded, although 8 Brown Thrashers provided a diverse soundtrack to the morning. Bonaparte's Gulls have been numerous this spring, reaching a high of 26 on April 21. Eight Common Loons and the first House Wren for the spring were also noteworthy.

Recovery Alert: A Northern Saw-whet Owl recovered at TTPBRS on October 16, 2007 was originally banded a little less than a month earlier on September 21, 2007 at Observatoire d'oiseaux de Tadoussac, Quebec. This distance covers a minimum of 820 km in a southwestern direction. This record was the 29th exchange of an NSWO between TTPBRS and another station!

SOME HIGHLIGHTS FROM THE WEEK (banding records in bold)

Apr 15
1-Red-necked Grebe
2-Horned Grebe
18-Golden-crowned Kinglet
3-Myrtle Warbler
2-Northern Rough-winged Swallow

Apr 16
7-Common Loon
11-Northern Shoveler
2-Horned Lark
1-Bank Swallow
1-Barn Swallow
1-American Tree Sparrow
1-Field Sparrow

Apr 17
2-Northern Pintail
2-Greater Yellowlegs
1-Northern Saw-whet Owl
12-Hermit Thrush
8-Myrtle Warbler

Apr 18
5-Great Egret
10-Ruby-crowned Kinglet
2-Brown Thrasher
18-Myrtle Warbler
1-Fox Sparrow
3-Swamp Sparrow

Apr 19
2-Cooper's Hawk
1-Hairy Woodpecker
12-Yellow-shafted Flicker
18-Ruby-crowned Kinglet
20-Hermit Thrush
6-Cedar Waxwing
1-Pine Warbler
30-White-throated Sparrow
1-Red-bellied Woodpecker (1st banding record for TTPBRS)

Apr 20
8-Brown Thrasher
3-Eastern Towhee
3-Chipping Sparrow

Apr 21
8-Common Loon
26-Bonaparte's Gull
1-House Wren

Season Banding Total: April 1-21

Season Species Total: April 1-21