Migration Monitoring at TTPBRS-August 5-11

Adult Female Cedar Waxwing (TTPBRS-TRCA)

The Tommy Thompson Park Bird Research Station began the Fall Migration Monitoring Program on August 5th. After a busy summer of data management and breeding bird monitoring it was great to return to Tommy Thompson Park for another exciting season of bird migration! The Cedar Waxwing was certainly the most numerous species at the site during the a hot and humid first week. Large flocks of both adult and young waxwings have been wheeling around the study area in search of the remaining honeysuckle and dogwood fruit. The capture of an Indigo Bunting on the first day was a surprise as was the rather meager total of just 12 birds captured on the day. While the banding may have been slow during the period, the variety of species present was quite good. Eastern Kingbirds, Yellow Warblers, Baltimore Orioles and Barn Swallows were on the move on August 6. A very early Philadelphia Vireo, several Purple Martins and 40 Yellow Warblers were observed on August 7. Temperatures were very high on August 8, which forced us to close down a bit early and likely limited bird movement during the morning. A return to full coverage on August 10 yielded just 12 birds banded, however an impressive 10 species were added to the season species total. Silver-haired Bats were also common, fortunately only one was found in the nets! Bird activity picked up on the 11th as 33 birds were banded, which included Northern Waterthrush and Mourning Warbler. Overall it was a great start to the fall season, which will run until mid-November. Raptors, vireos, warblers and Monarch Butterflies are beginning to build in numbers and we are hoping for some active (and cooler!) days ahead.

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HIGHLIGHTS of the WEEK (banding records in bold)

Aug 5
1-Common Loon
1-Black-billed Cuckoo
1-Nashville Warbler
1-Indigo Bunting (Only 12 prior banding records)

Aug 6
3-Lesser Yellowlegs
32-Barn Swallow
130-Cedar Waxwing

Aug 7
6-Great Blue Heron
5-Traill's Flycatcher
4-Purple Martin
1-Philadelphia Vireo
40-Yellow Warbler
32-Baltimore Oriole

Aug 9
1-Black-billed Cuckoo

Aug 10
1-Least Sandpiper
1-Least Flycatcher
24-Eastern Kingbird
130-Cedar Waxwing
1-Tennessee Warbler
1-Myrtle Warbler

Aug 11
16-Traill's Flycatcher
2-Northern Waterthrush
1-Mourning Warbler
3-Purple Finch

Season Banding Total (Aug 5-11)

Season Species Total (Aug 5-11)