MAPS Visit 6, July 23, 2007

Nashville Warbler (TRCA)

Our 6th visit to Claireville Conservation Area for the MAPS program in 2007 was a busy one indeed. A total of 65 birds were captured on the day (56 banded, 9 recaptured), which was a major jump in activity from the previous visit on July 12. The numbers of juvenile Gray Catbirds in the study area were impressive as were the mixed feeding flocks moving along the ridge. The sighting of a Green Heron atop the trees, and the capture of several juv. Wood Thrushes and 3 three adult Nashville Warblers were highlights. Wood Thrushes and American Redstarts have likely finished breeding as just a couple songs were noted. The MAPS project will wrap-up for 2007 next week.


3-Nashville Warbler
2-Black-capped Chickadee
3-Yellow Warbler
1-Warbling Vireo
1-House Wren
6-Song Sparrow
4-Cedar Waxwing
4-Wood Thrush
24-Gray Catbird
1-Rose-breasted Grosbeak
5-American Robin
1-Northern Cardinal
1-Common Grackle

2-Wood Thrush
2-Gray Catbird
4-Song Sparrow
1-American Robin