MAPS Visit 5, July 12

Juvenile House Wren (TRCA)

MAPS visit 5 on July 12 at Claireville Conservation Area was an interesting visit as more juveniles and moulting adults were evident (as expected). In 2006 it was the final two visits when we experienced a heavy post-breeding dispersal. The dispersal is of particular interest to us as we examine the effects of habitat connectivity on breeding bird communities in urban settings. There are many questions to answer about the viability of urban forests for breeding landbirds and the subject is especially important if we are to retain biodiversity in the face of urban expansion.

Sightings of Vesper Sparrow and Eastern Phoebe were new for the project and observation of a female AMRE feeding young was noteworthy. Wood Thrushes are still around and it will be interesting to see if any more juvs turn up on our next MAPS visit.

1-American Redstart
1-Traill's Flycatcher
1-House Wren
1-American Goldfinch
3-Song Sparrow
4-Gray Catbird
1-Wood Thrush
1-Baltimore Oriole
3-Northern Cardinal
3-American Robin

5-Gray Catbird
1-Wood Thrush
3-Northern Cardinal
1-American Robin

Captured Unbanded
1-Rose-breasted Grosbeak