MAPS Visit 3- June 26, 2007

American Redstart (TTPBRS-Seabrooke Leckie)

Visit 3 to the Claireville MAPS station occurred on June 26. The morning started off comfortably and by the end was quite scorching. A record 4 Wood Thrushes were banded along with just our second Baltimore Oriole in the two years of the project. Several Horned Larks were observed in their song flights to the south of the study area. Despite their constant presence we still have yet to capture any woodpeckers, Red-eyed Vireos or Common Yellowthroats this year. The next few weeks will be very interesting with the beginning of post-breeding dispersal for both adults and young. Perhaps a Pileated Woodpecker, Brown Creeper, Sedge Wren or Upland Sandpiper will make an appearance. All of these species and many more have been encountered within the boundaries of the conservation area this summer. Capture summary and more pictures below.

Banded (23)
1-American Redstart
1-House Wren
1-Yellow Warbler
2-American Goldfinch
5-Song Sparrow
5-Gray Catbird
4-Wood Thrush
1-Baltimore Oriole
2-American Robin
1-Northern Cardinal

Recaptures (7)
1-Northern Cardinal
1-American Goldfinch
3-Gray Catbird
1-American Redstart
1-Song Sparrow

One of the meadows bordering the Hawthorn-Maple-Oak forest. Bobolinks and Horned Larks are common here (TTPBRS-Seabrooke Leckie).

Seabrooke Leckie checking the nets (TRCA).

Juvenile Song Sparrows are starting to appear (TTPBRS-Seabrooke Leckie).

A remarkable 4 Wood Thrushes were banded (TRCA).

Net 4 at the Claireville MAPS station (TTPBRS-Seabrooke Leckie)