MAPS Visit 2, June 20,2007

Gray Catbird (Seabrooke Leckie-TTPBRS)

The second MAPS visit of the summer got underway on the cool morning of June 20th. It was the slowest day of MAPS banding we have had to date and yet lots of activity was present during the morning. There were at least three Wood Thrush territories identified within the study area and as many as 5 singing American Redstarts. A singing Ovenbird was a first for the project and singing Horned Lark, Purple Finch and Indigo Buntings were also noteworthy. A total of 53 species were recorded on the day, which is considerably higher than the 39 posted on the same day in 2006.

13 Banded
1-Black-capped Chickadee
1-Yellow Warbler
5-Song Sparrow
2-Gray Catbird
1-Wood Thrush
3-American Robin

12 Recaptured
1-Rose-breasted Grosbeak
1-Northern Cardinal
3-Song Sparrow
5-Gray Catbird
1-American Robin
1-Wood Thrush

Our next MAPS visit will be sometime during the upcoming week (weather permitting).

Banding at Claireville (Seabrooke Leckie-TTPBRS)

Forest Habitat (Seabrooke Leckie-TTPBRS)

Juv. Rose-breasted Grosbeak (Seabrooke Leckie-TTPBRS)

European Skipper (Seabrooke Leckie-TTPBRS)

Banded American Redstart (Seabrooke Leckie-TTPBRS)