Migration Monitoring at TTPBRS- May 20-26

Blackpoll Warbler (Seabrooke Leckie)

Calm nights occurred throughout the week, which resulted in a steady passage of migrants over Toronto. While most of the birds passed through overnight, we were pleased to find good doses of shorebirds, warblers and thrushes. May 20th was quiet at TTPBRS as just 6 birds were banded on the day. First of spring observations of Ruddy Turnstone and Philadelphia Vireo were highlights of the 21st. More migrant activity was evident on the 22nd as 61 birds were banded, which mostly consisted of Swainson's Thrush, Veery and Magnolia Warbler. Highlights of the day were first sightings of Whimbrel and Common Nighthawk for the spring and the first record of American Avocet for TTPBRS! The last group of students of the Winged Migration program came through on this day, closing a month of daily demonstrations at the station. On May 23rd it was apparent that the season was shifting as late spring species arrived including Yellow-bellied Flycatcher and Blackpoll Warbler. Common Yellowthroat and American Redstart were the most abundant warbler species on the day. A record high count of 170 Whimbrel was also made as groups of 20-30 birds passed by Tommy Thompson Park between 7 and 9am. A total of 58 birds were banded on the following day, which included 8 Traill's Flycatcher and 6 Gray-cheeked Thrush. Calm conditions persisted into the 25th of May, which allowed most nocturnal migrants to pass over Toronto. However, some opted to drop down, as 58 birds were banded. The usually elusive Connecticut Warbler was observed for the first time in spring since 2004. Red-eyed Vireo and Swainson's Thrush continued to build in numbers on the 26th. The birch-poplar canopy was relatively quiet as most of the activity was at ground level with thrushes, Common Yellowthroats, Canada Warblers and a boisterous Connecticut Warbler, likely a different individual than the previous morning.

Foreign Recovery- On May 10, 2007, an adult male Common Yellowthroat was recaptured near Mebane, North Carolina, notable for the fact that it was banded at TTPBRS on September 17, 2004!

(banding totals in green)

May 20
1-American Pipit (late)
May 21
1-Turkey Vulture
11-Chimney Swift
5-Myrtle Warbler
1-Ruddy Turnstone
May 22
1-Mourning Warbler
1-Indigo Bunting
1-American Avocet (1st record for TTPBRS)
28-Swainson's Thrush
17-Warbling Vireo
18-American Redstart
5-Scarlet Tanager
1-Common Nighthawk
May 23
1-Yellow-bellied Flycatcher
16-Swainson's Thrush
6-Gray-cheeked Thrush
1-Hermit Thrush (late)
9-Common Yellowthroat
1-Savannah Sparrow
12-Semipalmated Plover (record high count)
170-Whimbrel (record high count)
3-Purple Martin
1-Ruby-crowned Kinglet
4-Blackpoll Warbler
16-American Redstart
May 24
1-Wood Thrush
10-Red-eyed Vireo
May 25
4-Traill's Flycatcher
2-Yellow-bellied Flycatcher
1-Blackburnian Warbler
56-Black-bellied Plover (record high count)
14-Gray-cheeked Thrush
26-Swainson's Thrush
1-Connecticut Warbler
May 26
5-Northern Waterthrush
3-Canada Warbler
1-Connecticut Warbler

Season Banding Total


Season Species Total