Migration Monitoring at TTPBRS- May 13-19

Western Palm Warbler (Seabrooke Leckie)

Weather during the week was dominated by north winds and high pressure, which kept many migrants to the south. A total of 34 birds were banded on the 13th along with 16 recaptures. The indisputable highlight of the day was the second ever record of Red-bellied Woodpecker for the station! Myrtle Warbler and Ruby-crowned Kinglet were the most common species captured, which, given the date, is a good indication that migration had stalled. On May 14 we banded 1st Mourning Dove n 5 years of operations at TTPBRS. Also noted on the day were a sprinkling of flycatchers, warblers and thrushes. On May 15, Mourning Warbler and Ruby-throated Hummingbird made first appearances for the spring, and overall migrant activity was a littlie higher as 54 birds were banded with just 5 recaptures. Dominant species on the day were Swainson's Thrush and Magnolia Warbler. Numbers of warblers increased on the 16th as 20 species were noted including 16 Cape May Warblers. On May 17 we were visited by a videographer from the Globe and Mail for a feature piece on the research station. Migration really slowed down on May 18 when just 12 birds were banded from 90 mistnet hours! A Short-billed Dowitcher was observed on census, which is an unusual sighting in our study area. Small groups of Blue Jays were observed daily during the week, which is unusual for the site in the spring. Migrants were more numerous on May 19 when 90 birds were banded including 24 Magnolia Warblers and 6 Veerys. A Green Heron flushed from the slough was just the 4th record of the species for TTPBRS. The Garden Show with Mark Cullen (CFRB 1010) went live from TTPBRS at 10am on the 19th! The show highlighted the work of the research station and promoted the Baillie Birdathon!


May 13
1-Winter Wren
2-Hermit Thrush
20-Nashville Warbler
1-Red-bellied Woodpecker (2nd TTPBRS record)
5-Ruby-crowned Kinglet
9-Myrtle Warbler
May 14
4-Wood Duck
22-Long-tailed Duck
1-Mourning Dove (1st TTPBRS banding record)
4-Swainson's Thrush
1-Scarlet Tanager
May 15
1-Ruby-throated Hummingbird
16-Swainson's Thrush
3-Red-eyed Vireo
2-Northern Parula
32-Magnolia Warbler
12-American Redstart
2-Mourning Warbler
1-Indigo Bunting
9-Magnolia Warbler
7-White-crowned Sparrow
May 16
16-Chimney Swift
3-Eastern Wood-Pewee
16-Cape May Warbler
8-Blackburnian Warbler
7-Bay-breasted Warbler
2-Red-eyed Vireo
13-Myrtle Warbler
1-Mourning Warbler
May 18
4-Black-bellied Plover
1-Short-billed Dowitcher
1-Black-billed Cuckoo
10-Blue Jay
1-American Pipit
May 19
1-Green Heron
1-Alder Flycatcher
55-Magnolia Warbler
9-Wilson's Warbler
2-Ruby-crowned Kinglet
1-Gray-cheeked Thrush
2-Wood Thrush
24-Magnolia Warbler

Season Banding Total

Season Species Total