Fall Migration at TTPBRS- Oct 7-13, 2006

Hermit Thrush (S.Leckie)

Light north winds on the 7th of October resulted in a moderate influx of migrants into Tommy Thompson Park. A total of 105 birds were banded on the day, which featured high numbers of Ruby-crowned Kinglet, Winter Wren, Hermit Thrush, and White-throated Sparrow. First records for the fall of Greater Scaup and White-winged Scoter were recorded, along with a late Red-eyed Vireo. Warm southerly winds likely contributed to low bird activity on Thanksgiving weekend. On October 8th, 29 birds were banded and a light passage of blackbirds and grackles was noted. Twenty-three birds were banded on the following day. Of note were moderate numbers of Hermit Thrush, Myrtle Warbler, Brown Creeper, and Slate-colored Junco. The all important winds switched to the north on the 10th, which resulted in another surge of late fall migrants. A total of 168 birds were banded on this day. Eastern Phoebe, Golden-crowned Kinglet, and White-throated Sparrow were the most abundant species involved. A massive cold front moved into the Great Lakes on the 11th which brought very high winds and rain. TTPBRS was closed for an unprecedented four consecutive days thereafter! This weather system caused a break in what has been a truly exceptional season for landbird migration at TTPBRS! Waterbirds on the other hand have been unusually scarce this fall. Many species of shorebirds have been observed in record low numbers if not missed altogether. Various species of northern breeding waterfowl are just starting to trickle into the Toronto Lakeshore and soon the calls of wintering Long-tailed Ducks will be heard. Fall Migration Monitoring will continue through November 12, 2006.

The Nocturnal Owl Monitoring Program has begun for fall 2006. The start of the season has been atypically slow due to a preponderance of unfavourable winds. We are looking forward to some heavy owl migration in the coming days!

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Oct 7

51-Ruby-crowned Kinglet
12-Hermit Thrush
1-Blue-headed Vireo
1-Red-eyed Vireo
Oct 8
1-Magnolia Warbler
Oct 10
7-Eastern Phoebe
70-Golden-crowned Kinglet
1-Orange-crowned Warbler


Oct 7

1-White-winged Scoter
7-Yellow-bellied Sapsucker
21-Winter Wren
210-Golden-crowned Kinglet
200-Ruby-crowned Kinglet
1-American Redstart
3-Eastern Towhee
23-Rusty Blackbird
4-House Finch
3-House Sparrow
Oct 8
30-American Pipit
Oct 9
1-Cooper's Hawk
1-Sharp-shinned Hawk
1-Horned Lark
1-Swainson's Thrush
Oct 10
1-American Woodcock
23-Eastern Phoebe
14-American Crow

Birds Banded: Aug 5-Oct 13

Species Recorded: Aug 5-Oct 13