Fall Migration at TTPBRS- September 9-15

White-crowned Sparrow (D.Derbyshire)

The week of September 9-15 featured plenty of rain and wind which limited our coverage on several days. When the weather did cooperate we found good numbers of birds at TTPBRS. On September 9, just 4 birds were banded before the rain moved in around mid-morning. North winds and clear skies on September 10 resulted in a more active day as 90 birds were banded and a total of 57 species were captured and/or observed. Ruby-crowned Kinglets were abundant as were Nashville Warbler, Magnolia Warbler, Red-eyed Vireo, and Palm Warbler. High winds foreshortened the banding activities on September 11, and yet 51 birds were banded. It has been a record season for many species at TTPBRS including Magnolia Warbler and Northern Parula which were both well represented on this day. The first Pied-billed Grebe and House Wren of the fall were also recorded. September 12 and 13 were cancelled due to heavy rain and high winds. A moderate movement of birds was recorded on September 14 as 42 birds of 15 species were banded which included singles of Brown Creeper and Northern Parula, and 20 Magnolia Warblers. Season firsts of American Kestrel, Yellow-bellied Sapsucker and Rusty Blackbird were recorded. Thrushes, warblers, and vireos were numerous once again on the 15th when 45 birds were banded. This day featured the first sightings of Blue Jay, American Crow, White-crowned Sparrow, and Northern Goshawk of the fall.

Leaves are beginning to fall at Tommy Thompson Park and soon the kinglets, Northern Saw-whets and Hermit Thrushes will be arriving. The bird life has been absolutely tremendous this fall and we are eagerly awaiting October and November, a great time of the year to be at TTPBRS!

Note- 2 male Harlequin Ducks were observed by TTPBRS at Pipit Point, Leslie Street Spit, on September 12 (see website for photos,



Sep 10
9-Ruby-crowned Kinglet
1-Blue-headed Vireo
17-Nashville Warbler
2-Philadelphia Vireo
16-Myrtle Warbler
2-Lincoln's Sparrow
Sep 11
17-Myrtle Warbler
5-Wilson's Warbler
Sep 14
1-Brown Creeper
1-Northern Parula
20-Magnolia Warbler
1-Swamp Sparrow
Sep 15
13-Swainson's Thrush
1-Blue-headed Vireo
1-White-crowned Sparrow


Sep 9
2-Northern Shoveler
1-Peregrine Falcon
Sep 10
4-Black-bellied Plover
4-Winter Wren
33-Ruby-crowned Kinglet
5-Northern Parula
55-Magnolia Warbler
105-Myrtle Warbler
17-Western Palm Warbler
16-White-throated Sparrow
Sep 11
1-Pied-billed Grebe
Sep 14
1-American Kestrel
1-Yellow-bellied Sapsucker
1-Rusty Blackbird
Sep 15
1-Northern Goshawk
2-Blue Jay
2-American Crow
1-Wood Thrush
130-Myrtle Warbler

Birds Banded: August 5-September 15

Species Recorded: August 5-September 15

Dan Derbyshire
Coordinator, Tommy Thompson Park Bird Research Station (TTPBRS)
Toronto and Region Conservation
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