Fall Migration at TTPBRS-Aug 26-Sept 1

Lincoln's Sparrow (D.Derbyshire)

Fall 2006 is turning out to be a great season as we have experienced more favourable winds (north) than in any previous autumn at TTPBRS. These northerly winds have brought in new migrants on a daily basis and fall records are being established for many species. The week started off with good numbers of warblers, vireos, flycatchers and our best day of the fall for Baltimore Oriole (9 banded). A total of 62 birds were banded and 23 recaptured. A brief return to south winds on the 27th stalled migration as just 23 birds were banded. The most remarkable sighting of the day was of two mixed flocks of Greater and Lesser Yellowlegs totaling 48 birds. Migrant activity was strong on the 28th with many warblers and vireos feeding on caterpillars in the canopy. It has been a good season for Veery as 1-3 have been banded daily for the past two weeks. East winds on the 29th brought higher numbers of American Redstart, Blackpoll and Bay-breasted Warbler and our first ever fall Golden-winged Warbler. The first push of Common Loon occurred on August 30th along with yet another surge of warblers and vireos. High totals for many species were recorded on the day but relatively few were caught as birds were found foraging mainly in places distant from the net locations. Cool temperatures and brisk north winds on the 31st made it feel like fall as did the arrival of both Ruby-crowned Kinglet and Lincoln's Sparrow. Nashville, Magnolia and Wilson's Warbler were the bulk species captured on the day. The busiest day of the period was September 1st when 78 birds were banded (more details below). A Peregrine Falcon was nearly captured on this day and impressive counts of warblers and vireos were logged.

The Monarch migration has fizzled a bit, perhaps owing to the high winds and cool temperatures we have been experiencing the past 10 days or so. There is at least another week or two of their migration window so we will keep an eye out for heavy movements.



Aug 26
2-Philadelphia Vireo
1-Cape May Warbler
9-Baltimore Oriole
Aug 28
2-Swainson's Thrush
1-Western Palm Warbler
Aug 29
5-Red-eyed Vireo
1-Golden-winged Warbler (1st fall Banding Record for TTPBRS)
2-Blackpoll Warbler
Aug 30
4-Black-throated Blue Warbler
6-Northern Waterthrush
1-Western Palm Warbler
Aug 31
6-Wilson's Warbler
1-Lincoln's Sparrow
Sept 1
11-Nashville Warbler
14-Myrtle Warbler
24-Magnolia Warbler
7-Wilson's Warbler


Aug 26
1-Black-bellied Plover
40-Magnolia Warbler
55-Myrtle Warbler
Aug 27
5-Greater Yellowlegs
43-Lesser Yellowlegs
7-Purple Martin
Aug 28
1-Solitary Sandpiper
Aug 29
3-Palm Warbler
10-Blackpoll Warbler
Aug 30
4-Common Loon
7-Eastern Wood Pewee
14-Least Flycatcher
18-Nashville Warbler
55-Magnolia Warbler
85-Myrtle Warbler
10-Black-throated Green Warbler
30-Blackpoll Warbler
12-Northern Waterthrush
Aug 31
1-Cooper's Hawk
1-Ruby-crowned Kinglet
9-Philadelphia Vireo
20-Red-eyed Vireo
26-Nashville Warbler
9-Bay-breasted Warbler
Sept 1
1-Peregrine Falcon

Birds Banded: August 5-September 1

Species Recorded: August 5-September 1