TTPBRS-Baillie Birdathon 2006

The Tommy Thompson Park Bird Research Station (TTPBRS) has been busily documenting the spring migration since April 1st and we are gearing up for an increase in numbers and variety of northbound migrants in the next week or so.

As many of you may already know we are planning on establishing TTPBRS as a long-term initiative and we are moving forward with our plans for research, monitoring and educational programs in the GTA. In order for TTPBRS to continue it will be necessary to establish initiatives that will ensure financial stability on an annual basis. The Baillie Birdathon is a long standing annual fundraiser operated by Bird Studies Canada that raises both awareness and monetary support for important bird conservation projects. The Baillie Birdathon is a unique opportunity for us to ensure that TTPBRS can continue to deliver effective field and educational programs. A summary of a few of our accomplishments is provided.

TTPBRS 2003-2006
  • 3+ years of daily standardized data collection through the Migration Monitoring Program
  • Data being applied to monitoring and conservation at local, national and international levels
  • Successful launch of annual Nocturnal Owl Monitoring Program and the The Breeding Birds of Tommy Thompson Park Project.
  • Over 9,000 volunteer hours contributed to field programs
  • Banding demonstrations and talks given to over 3,000 people
  • Several of past volunteers have been trained at TTPBRS and gone on to work in Costa Rica, British Columbia, Ohio, Michigan and Ontario
  • Collaborative research projects initiated with the University of Montreal, University of Sheffield (UK), Queen's University and the Canadian Wildlife Service.
  • Annually provide steering and support to other bird conservation organizations and researchers
  • Stakeholder in the Lights Out Toronto campaign
  • 2006 will see the launch of Monitoring Avian Productivity and Survivorship (MAPS) in the GTA and incorporation of the Great Lakes Marsh Monitoring Program into our summer field program roster.
  • Application for new member status with the Canadian Migration Monitoring Network (CMMN) in review
Please consider pledging your support for TTPBRS in our first Baillie Birdathon!
You can make a significant contribution to bird conservation and outdoor education in the GTA by either sponsoring a designated TTPBRS Birdathoner or by setting up your own Birdathon. Remember that all donations over $10 are tax-credible through Bird Studies Canada and all donations over $35 dollars receive quarterly issues of Birdwatch Canada ( You can sponsor one of our Birdathoners at either a flat rate or on a per species basis. You can also support the TTPBRS Baillie Birdathon online with your credit card by visiting either one of the following links:

Dan Derbyshire (Station Coordinator)
Seabrooke Leckie (Assistant)
We have several registered TTPBRS Birdathoners but we would be very pleased to have more so please contact me if you are interested in this or if you are interested in being a sponsor!


Dan Derbyshire
Coordinator, Tommy Thompson Park Bird Research Station (TTPBRS)
Toronto and Region Conservation
dderbyshire AT
(416) 318-2107