Migration Monitoring at TTPBRS-April 1-7

The fourth year of Migration Monitoring at Tommy Thompson Park began on April 1st with warm temperatures and an eager crew of five volunteers. Returning to TTPBRS each spring is reward enough and we were very pleased to find some familiar sights and sounds on the first day. A total of 5 American Woodcocks were heard and observed displaying during net opening. Brown Creeper, American Robin, Red-winged Blackbird, Brown-headed Cowbird and Song Sparrow were easily the most conspicuous species during the first few days of the period. The weather turned cold on April 2nd when just 10 birds were banded. Thereafter an unprecedented 3 consecutive days of fieldwork at TTPBRS were lost to weather! Our return on the 6th yielded several new arrivals including; Savannah Sparrow, Eastern Meadowlark, Myrtle Warbler and Rusty Blackbird. A total of 39 birds were banded of which 20 were Golden-crowned Kinglets, the most commonly banded species at TTPBRS. Rain returned on the 7th once again limiting our coverage to census and a few net hours. Out of a possible 630 net hours for a 7-day period, just 274.5 were completed during the week which is record low (427 in 2004, 385 in 2005). A total of 71 birds were banded and 59 species recorded during the week. Several expected species have yet to appear and we can look forward to better weather and hopefully more bird activity in the next week.

News and Notes
We had an interesting recapture of an American Tree Sparrow that was originally banded by Seabrooke Leckie on October 28-2003 at TTPBRS and was subsequently recaptured on April 3-2004 and again this year on April 1! On all occasions this bird was captured in either net 7 or net 8.

The TTPBRS Sightings board will once again provide daily results and regular photos and reports so tune in here for a pulse on spring migration in Toronto:

Apr 1
1-Northern Flicker
1-Fox Sparrow
Apr 2
6-Golden-crowned Kinglet
Apr 6
1-Hairy Woodpecker (3rd banding record for TTPBRS)
20-Golden-crowned Kinglet
5-American Tree Sparrow

Apr 1
5-Tree Swallow
40-American Robin
42-Brown-headed Cowbird
Apr 2
4-Tundra Swan
1-Eastern Towhee
Apr 5
22-Tree Swallow
1-Field Sparrow
Apr 6
1-Great Blue Heron
5-Eastern Phoebe
40-Brown Creeper
90-Golden-crowned Kinglet
1-Savannah Sparrow
1-Eastern Meadowlark (3rd record for TTPBRS)

Season Banding Total

Season Species Total