Migration Monitoring at TTP-April 8-14

This is the second weekly update on the Migration Monitoring Program at Tommy Thompson Park Bird Research Station in spring 2006. Cold temperatures cancelled our banding efforts on the 8th and delayed net opening on the 9th. Conditions improved mid-morning on the 9th which permitted banding operations to recommence. A total of 38 birds were banded on this day which included 28 Golden-crowned Kinglets. A full day of fieldwork was carried out on the 10th and several new species for the spring were encountered including Sandhill Crane, Great Egret and Swamp Sparrow. More bird activity was evident on the 11th as 44 birds were banded, and the most impressive tally was for Fox Sparrow (17 banded/observed). Another 46 birds of 13 species were banded on the following morning which included Hermit Thrush, Myrtle Warbler and Winter Wren. The highlight of the 13th was the first sighting of Palm Warbler at TTPBRS this spring! It was also a good day for sparrows as Eastern Towhee, Dark-eyed Junco, American Tree, Chipping, Field, Fox and Song Sparrow were present in good numbers. We are still waiting for White-throated Sparrows as just a few have been seen rummaging through the dead leaves near the tip area. In fact we have yet to see any major pushes of most species as the weather has not been conducive to grounding nocturnal migrants. Despite this we have found a good variety of birds in moderate numbers.

Our Winged Migration program for schools officially kicked off for 2006 on Apr 13 and we will be hosting classes on weekdays from mid-April to mid-May!



Apr 9
28-Golden-crowned Kinglet
Apr 10
1-Swamp Sparrow
Apr 11
4-Hermit Thrush
1-Myrtle Warbler
Apr 12
5-Fox Sparrow
5-Brown-headed Cowbird
Apr 13
2-Ruby-crowned Kinglet
1-Eastern Towhee


Apr 8
2-Wood Duck
Apr 9
20-Common Merganser
80-Golden-crowned Kinglet
3-Rusty Blackbird
1-Long-eared Owl
Apr 10
1-Great Egret
1-Sandhill Crane (2nd record for TTPBRS)
16-American Tree Sparrow
2-Savannah Sparrow
Apr 11
1-Northern Harrier
2-Greater Yellowlegs
8-Eastern Phoebe
1-Barn Swallow
Apr 12
1-Pied-billed Grebe
250-Long-tailed Duck
10-Northern Flicker
14-Winter Wren
2-Ruby-crowned Kinglet
230-Red-winged Blackbird
Apr 13
16-Hermit Thrush
1-Western Palm Warbler

Season Banded

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Dan Derbyshire
Coordinator, Tommy Thompson Park Bird Research Station (TTPBRS)
Toronto and Region Conservation