Migration Monitoring at TTP-April 15-21

We have just completed the third week of spring monitoring at TTPBRS in 2006 and yet it almost feels as though migration has barely started! For the past 21 days, migrants have trickled through the Toronto lakeshore while the bulk of them have likely been held back by predominantly northern winds. The past week began with strong north winds and a moderate influx of Brown Creeper and Golden-crowned Kinglet. Season firsts of Glaucous Gull, Common Tern and Red-necked Grebe appeared on this day along with a decent passage of Common Loon. It remained relatively quiet on the 16th when 20 birds were banded however the first Pine Warbler and Barn Swallow were noted and 8 Myrtle Warblers were tallied. A single Brown Thrasher was a highlight of the 17th. The continuation of northerly winds on the 18th resulted in few new bands being issued however an Osprey and the station's first Forster's Tern were recorded. Kinglets, Hermit Thrush, Red-winged Blackbird and Swamp Sparrow were the primary species banded on the 19th which featured a good diversity of species but low numbers overall. The strong winds relented a bit on the 20th which contributed to a small influx of northbound migrants. A total of 46 birds were banded and some impressive observations were made including 95 Brown Creeper and 50 Hermit Thrush! April 21 was equally active as 50 birds were banded and only 3 recaptured. Most distinctive about this day was the sudden incursion of White-throated Sparrow (45 total).



Apr 15
1-Ruby-crowned Kinglet
1-Eastern Towhee
Apr 19
3-Swamp Sparrow
Apr 20
1-Blue-gray Gnatcatcher
5-Fox Sparrow
Apr 21
12-Hermit Thrush
8-White-throated Sparrow


Apr 15
8-Common Loon
1-Red-necked Grebe
1-Turkey Vulture
6-Chipping Sparrow (high total for TTPBRS)
Apr 16
1-Horned Lark
2-Bank Swallow
8-Myrtle Warbler
1-Pine Warbler
6-Field Sparrow
Apr 17
1-Brown Thrasher
Apr 18
6-Greater Yellowlegs
1-Forster's Tern (1st record for TTPBRS)
Apr 19
1-Red-throated Loon (2nd record for TTPBRS)
Apr 20
1-American Coot
18-Northern Flicker
95-Brown Creeper
18-Ruby-crowned Kinglet
50-Hermit Thrush

Season Banding Total

Season Species Total

Dan Derbyshire
Coordinator, Tommy Thompson Park Bird Research Station (TTPBRS)
Toronto and Region Conservation