Migration Monitoring at TTPBRS-Sept 30-Oct 6

The study area has taken on a distinctive golden colour as autumn has certainly settled in although one would have the impression that summer was still lingering with the warm temperatures we have been having. From previous reports you will know that warm-southerly weather in the fall usually means few birds at TTPBRS and this week was a good example. We banded 280 birds for the week culminating in a low of 12 from a full compliment of net hours on October 6. By contrast during the same week a year ago 626 birds were banded and more new arrivals were noted such as Fox Sparrow and Pine Siskin. We need not be concerned as cooler weather has already arrived and we anticipate some heavy migration during the next week. September 30 was a decent day as small numbers of kinglets, sapsuckers, Hermit Thrush and White-throated Sparrows were recorded. The day belonged to the Blue Jays however as some 3000 were estimated to have flown over during the morning. Also joining the flyover jays were the first largish groups of Red-winged Blackbirds, Rusty Blackbirds and American Pipits. It was quiet up until Oct 3 when 80 birds were banded of a respectable 20 species. The banding total consisted of 5 Red-eyed Vireo. Kinglets are easily the most prevalent bird species at Tommy Thompson Park right now and the bulk of our captures during the week were of these "little mites". A continuation of the high pressure conditions resulted in dwindling bird numbers for the update period. We are still on the verge of seeing major waves of kinglets, sparrows, hermit thrushes and creepers among others. So much yet to come.......

Our "Winged Migration" education program is in full swing as school groups are being welcomed daily at TTPBRS and will be for the rest of the month. Additionally, on Sept 30 we had 114 visitors from Deloitte & Touche join us for the day (in small flocks at a time!).

Sep 30
20-Golden-crowned Kinglet
5-Ruby-crowned Kinglet
7-Hermit Thrush
2-Black-throated Blue Warbler
Oct 1
1-American Redstart
Oct 2
1-Orange-crowned Warbler
Oct 3
7-Golden-crowned Kinglet
22-Ruby-crowned Kinglet
3-Swainson's Thrush
5-Red-eyed Vireo
Oct 4
1-Bay-breasted Warbler
1-Eastern Towhee

Sep 30
11-Green-winged Teal
4-Black-bellied Plover
2900-Blue Jay
85-Golden-crowned Kinglet
60-Red-winged Blackbird
Oct 1
1-White-winged Scoter
6-Rusty Blackbird
Oct 2
27-American Pipit
Oct 3
1-Eastern Towhee
Oct 6
9-Sharp-shinned Hawk

Season Banding Total (behind last year's pace for 1st time since mid-August)

Season Species Total