May 28

High migrant density detected this morning as 129 birds were banded, 10 recaptured and 3 captured-unbanded. The bird of the day was the Swainson's Thrush as a whopping 42 were banded. This is the most SWTH ever banded in one day at TTPBRS, the former record being of 25 banded on May 29-2003. High numbers of American Redstart (20 DST), Wilson's Warbler (8 band), Magnolia Warbler (18 band) and Traill's Flycatcher (5 band) were also recorded. 17 species of warbler were found along with increased totals of vireos and flycatchers. Still no sign of Yellow-bellied Flycatchers this spring........

Great day!

Dan Derbyshire