Birds on Radar

The two images below show images taken from the doppler radar station in Buffalo, NY between the 20 and 21st of May. The first image depicts precipitation in the early evening of May 21st. Precipitation shows up on the radar images as "blocky" and with low pixelation. Bird activity at the station on the next morning (May 22) was very slow (29 birds banded). There is some dots centred around the radar which is probably ground clutter.

The second image is birds! Birds appear on the radar as less dense and blocky with a stippled appearance (more grainy). The image was taken at 10:45pm on the evening of May 20th. Not surprisingly we had one of our best days on the following morning May 21 (80+ banded).

You can click on the link below to check on the nocturnal migration during the evening and early morning hours during spring migration.

Dan Derbyshire