Migration Monitoring at TTP-September 30-October 6

More busy mornings and a couple of surprises......

The week started off with a bang as 186 birds were banded on September 30, consisting of 11 Brown Creeper, 12 Winter Wren, 74 Golden-crowned Kinglet and 40 White-throated Sparrow. The first day of October saw the arrival of Pine Siskin, Bufflehead and Fox Sparrow. Pine Siskins have been recorded on a daily basis during the past week and in higher than normal density, leading us to believe it may be an irruption year for finches. 105 birds were banded on October 1. October 2-4 were quiet due to a preponderance of southern weather. Wind direction switched to the north on the evening of the 4th and as a result, 210 birds were banded on October 5. Featured on this day were high numbers of Myrtle Warbler, Hermit Thrush, Yellow-bellied Sapsucker (having a big year), as well as kinglets and white-throats. The highlight of the day was the capture and banding of a Red-tailed Hawk! This is the first of this species ever banded at TTPBRS. Another first was extracted from net 6 on October 6, a HY male Yellow-breasted Chat!

Just another week at Tommy Thompson Park!

1-Tennessee Warbler Sept 30
1-Philadelphia Vireo Sept 30
1-Northern Parula Sept 30
1-Ovenbird Oct 5
1-Blackburnian Warbler Oct 5
45-Myrtle Warbler Oct 5
1-Red-eyed Vireo Oct 5
6-Yellow-bellied Sapsucker Oct 5
1-Red-tailed Hawk Oct 5 (1st banding record for TTPBRS)
1-Yellow-breasted Chat Oct 6 (1st record for TTPBRS)

11-Yellow-bellied Sapsucker Sept 30
4-Orange-crowned Warbler Sept 30
1-Olive-sided Flycatcher Oct 1
16-Pine Siskin Oct 3
1-Cape-May Warbler Oct 4
80-White-throated Sparrow Oct 5
90-Myrtle Warbler Oct 5
1-Long-tailed Duck Oct 5

Season Banding Total

Season Species Total

Dan Derbyshire
Migration Monitoring Coordinator

The Tommy Thompson Park Migration Monitoring Program is a joint project of the Toronto and Region Conservation
Authority (TRCA) and Toronto Bird Observatory (TBO)