Migration Monitoring at TTP-September 23-29


A mega week at Tommy Thompson Park! The first few days of the update period were fairly quiet due to westerly winds. The 58 birds banded on the 23rd was composed mainly of Swainson's and Grey-cheeked Thrush and Nashville Warbler. Migration slowed to a trickle again on the 25th when a mere 21 birds were banded. Two Cape May Warblers were banded on the that day which was a treat to see. Wind switching to North caused a fallout of migrants on the 26th as 113 birds were banded. White-throated Sparrow, Swainson's Thrush, Myrtle Warbler and both species of kinglet were the primary species evident on the day. A major fallout occurred on September 29 as 259 birds were banded, 4 Recaptured and 75 released unbanded. This was the third highest one-day banding total for TTPBRS.

A busy week and I am expecting that October will bring much the same....


1-Blackburnian Warbler Sept 23
18-Swainson's Thrush Sept 23
11-Nashville Warbler Sept 24
2-Cape May Warbler Sept 25
1-Philadelphia Vireo Sept 26
3-Orange-crowned Warbler Sept 26
1-Cape May Warbler Sept 26
1-Bay-breasted Warbler Sept 26
3-Yellow-bellied Sapsucker Sept 29
1-House Wren Sept 29 (1st date of fall)
136-Golden-crowned Kinglet Sept 29 (not a typo!)
14-Ruby-crowned Kinglet Sept 29
6-Black-throated Blue Warbler Sept 29

1-Hermit Thrush Sept 23 (1st date of fall)
1-Least Flycatcher Sept 24
1-American Golden Plover Sept 25 (1st date of fall)
1-Red-headed Woodpecker Sept 25 (1st date of fall)
730-Blue Jay Sept 25
4-Common Loon Sept 25
1-Savannah Sparrow Sept 26 (1st date of fall)
3-Horned Lark Sept 26
2-Eastern Towhee Sept 26 (1st date of fall)
45-Myrtle Warbler Sept 26
1-Bald Eagle Sept 28 (1st for TTPBRS)
1-Bald Eagle Sept 29 (2nd for TTPBRS!)
230-Golden-crowned Kinglet Sept 29
6-Yellow-bellied Sapsucker Sept 29
1-Field Sparrow Sept 29 (1st date of fall)
12-Dark-eyed Junco Sept 29
8-Rusty Blackbird Sept 29 (1st date of fall)

Season Banding Total

Season Species Total

Dan Derbyshire
Migration Monitoring Coordinator

The Tommy Thompson Park Migration Monitoring Program is a joint project of the Toronto and Region Conservation
Authority (TRCA) and Toronto Bird Observatory (TBO)