Migration Monitoring at TTP-September 16-22

A busy week.....

As anticipated, north winds and cooler temperatures brought more birds into Tommy Thompson Park, especially thrushes and the first of several late fall species. This weather pattern led to 97 birds being banded on the 18th and 95 banded on the 19th. Grey-cheeked and Swainson's Thrush along with Nashville and Black-throated Green Warbler were the dominant species on both days. The migration of Grey-cheeked Thrushes has been particularly impressive in fall 2004 as over 50 have been banded so far (compared to a total of 23 last year). A remarkable tally of 70 species was recorded on the 18th making this the highest one-day species total for fall monitoring at TTP (52 was highest in 2003 on September 26).

Weather for next week looks favourable for more excellent birding and banding at Tommy Thompson Park!


1-Swamp Sparrow Sept 16
2-Least Flycatcher Sept 17
1-Mourning Warbler Sept 18
2-Western Palm Warbler Sept 18
15-Nashville Warbler Sept 18
9-Red-eyed Vireo Sept 18
3-Lincoln's Sparrow Sept 19
1-Dark-eyed Junco Sept 19
1-Northern Parula Sept 19
2-Yellow-bellied Sapsucker Sept 19
1-Scarlet Tanager Sept 20 (1st fall banding record)
13-Grey-cheeked Thrush Sept 20

1-Common Goldeneye Sept 16
1-Yellow-billed Cuckoo Sept 16 and Sept 22
13-Sandhill Crane Sept 17 (1st TTPBRS record)
1-American Wigeon Sept 17
1-Olive-sided Flycatcher Sept 18 (2nd TTPBRS record)
26-Black-throated Green Warbler Sept 18
5-Blue-headed Vireo Sept 18
1-Yellow-bellied Flycatcher Sept 18 (late)
30-White-throated Sparrow Sept 19
35-Nashville Warbler Sept 19
10-Eastern Wood-Pewee Sept 19 (Record high total)
25-Golden-crowned Kinglet Sept 19
2-Pine Warbler Sept 19
8-Winter Wren Sept 20
50-Blue Jay Sept 22

Season Banding Total

Season Species Total

Banding Total Summaries
1133 (Aug 3-Sept 22)
911 (Aug 13-Sept 22)
2003 (Aug 13-Sept 22)
Fall 2004
TTPBRS- 1133
LPBO tip- 785
LPBO old cut- 1088
HMBORock Pt.- 906

Dan Derbyshire
Migration Monitoring Coordinator

The Tommy Thompson Park Migration Monitoring Program is a joint project of the Toronto and Region Conservation
Authority (TRCA) and Toronto Bird Observatory (TBO)