Holiday Hours at Tommy Thompson Park

Don't be left out in the cold! Plan your winter visit to Tommy Thompson Park carefully.  
TTP is a wonderful destination during the winter. The heavy snow weighing down the bows of Pine trees on Peninsula B, the bright morning sun glistening off the ice of Cell Two and the crisp cold air from across Lake Ontario certainly create the ideal winter experience. Yet there are some hazards to keep in mind during your visit to the park. The weather can change suddenly and ice forms quickly and unevenly. For your safety, do not walk on frozen bodies of water. Also keep in mind that very strong and cold winter winds blow off the lake, so be sure to dress warmly before venturing out to the lighthouse.

2014 Migration Monitoring Summary

The 2014 Monitoring season has come to a close. This year, we were surprised by new species visiting the station. Scroll through the list below to see how many of your favourite birds frequent Tommy Thompson Park.

Happy Holidays!

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Thanksgiving Weekend Hours

A visit to TTP is a great way to spend time with family over the long weekend! This time of year is ideal for bird watching. With fall migration well underway, you're sure to see a variety of bird species - from the smallest warblers to the largest raptors. For the butterfly enthusiast in the group, lingering Monarchs can still be spotted throughout. Explore the park on your own or join the Sunday Morning Bird Walk for an intimate guided tour of the best birding spots at the park. So pack a lunch, bring your binoculars and get outside!

Don't forget that the Tommy Thompson Park Bird Research Station is open to visitors every morning this weekend. If you're lucky, you may get a close look of the bird banding effort happening at the station. Bird banding is part of our Migratory Monitoring Program, which is sustained by a committed team of volunteers and generous donations from members of the public. If you would like to contribute to this essential program, please click here.

Happy birding!